Introduction to Freelancing

Intro to Freelancing

Benefits of freelance writing

  • You can make money quickly.
  • Your income is diversified over many clients which lowers risk.
  • You will learn blogging skills from big sites which will improve your own site.
  • Freelance writing is very flexible.
  • It can bridge the gap until your site starts to make money.
  • It is a great way to make contacts in your niche which can help grow your site down the road.

How being a blogger gives you a head start to freelance writing

  • Potential clients can see that you care about the topic and aren't looking for just any writing gig.
  • Your blog is a great way to showcase your writing skills.
  • Having your own blog shows you know how to use Wordpress.
  • Being a blogger gives you a different perspective about the content than someone who doesn’t have their own site.

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